We create designs that capture the truth of your business.
Our process involves immersing ourselves in your passion, meaning, and values, which form the core of your business. By understanding your truth, we can create a visual expression that is unique to your business. Our goal is to create an authentic and meaningful design that fosters a deeper and stronger connection with your clients, attracting your ideal audience. We believe that a strong emotional connection between your business and your clients is the key to building lasting relationships. We are committed to finding your truth and won’t stop until we do.

Based in the Bay Area, we proudly serve clients throughout San Francisco, Silicon Valley, East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, and Santa Cruz County. However, our reach extends beyond these regions – we work with clients all across the USA, as well as in Canada and beyond.


Uzi Hen
Uzi HenGraphic, Logo & Web Designer / Founder
Joel Hajioff
Joel HajioffWeb developer

Who we are?

  • Founded in Israel, 2005. Relocated to the Bay Area California, 2015
  • Business name: Combination of my first name, “Uzi” (meaning “my strength”), and the word “media”
  • Graphic design, brand identity, logo design, and web design agency for startups, entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, organizations of all sizes
  • We are Skillful, Precise, Creative, Efficient, Mindful, Receptive, Experienced, Professional, Easy to Work With
  • Strong believers in being part of the complete design process: Communication, Research, Sketches, Feedback, Revisions, Final Product

What we do?

  • We create custom graphic design, logo design, brand identity, and web design solutions for your business that not only look amazing but also capture the truth of your business
  • We love to educate you on our design process
  • We offer reasonable and realistic turnaround times

Stunning WordPress & Wix Websites

High-quality Graphic & Logo Designs

Creative & Unique Look

We Love What We Do

5 Star Reviews

Local & Personal Service

WordPress and Wix Web Design & Development

Pre-made & custom made WordPress and Wix websites

We design and develop stunning WordPress and Wix websites; Small business websites, Brochure websites, E-commerce websites, Landing pages, Sale & lead funnels, Portfolio websites, One-page website and more.
We can give you a price quote for your site after receiving a website plan from you.

Web design consultation packages

If you need help planning your website we provide web design consultation packages, look below for pricing. We will do a meeting to understand your needs, goals, and audience. We will plan the site map and decide what kind of elements and content you need to create a friendly user experience and engage your clients to take action.

Website maintenance and support

We can provide maintenance and support after approving the website hiring us by the hour, look below for pricing.

1 hour4 hours6 hours8 hours


(10% discount)



(15% discount)



(20% discount)

We recommend using SiteGround for your hosting provider. Their performance is impressive, comes with a lot of hosting features and responsive support.
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LOGO design & Brand identity in the Bay Area

With over 13 years of experience in logo, brand identity, bringing your brand to new levels, I have the skills and expertise to help bring your vision to life. Whether you already have a clear idea in mind or need help generating creative logo concepts, I’m here to assist you every step of the way. I offer three solutions for logo design, each tailored to meet your specific needs:

1) Technical & Beautiful Logo Design:

If you have an idea in mind and want to bring it to life, I’ll use my design skills to create a logo that reflects your vision.

2) Creative & Meaningful Logo Design:

If you have a clear concept and need help with creativity, I’ll apply my creative skills and expertise to produce a high-quality logo that meets your specifications.

3) Comprehensive, Deep, and Thorough Logo Design:

If you’re looking for the best possible result and have time for a thorough design process, I’ll dive deep into your brand personality, conduct research, and create unique, meaningful logo designs. We’ll work together to fine-tune the selected designs and I’ll provide unlimited revisions until you’re completely satisfied.

Technical & Beautiful Logo Design:

If you’re unable to hire a professional logo designer, my solution is to provide a one-hour consultation to help you brainstorm ideas on your own. Once you have an idea, we can work together either in-person or via screen sharing to create your logo. My rate for this service is $120 per hour, and typically, the process takes 1-3 hours. To get started, please email me a drawing or examples of your idea, along with a detailed explanation. This will help me estimate the time it will take to create your logo and ensure that we’re on the same page throughout the design process.

Creative & Meaningful Logo Design

We will kick off the logo design process with a comprehensive two-hour meeting to delve into the essence of your brand. After the meeting I will provide you with up to three custom logo designs, but not all at once. I will present the first design and If it doesn’t meet your needs, I will present a second option, and so on. Once you have selected an idea, we will fint tune it and work on color, you will have unlimited revisions regarding color, layout, and size.

Comprehensive, Deep, and Thorough Logo Design Process

My logo design process is designed to ensure that I have a deep understanding of your brand and style. We’ll start with a two-hour meeting, where I’ll take the time to fully explore your brand and its visual aspects. From there, I’ll conduct research and provide you with creative and unique ideas. Once you’ve selected an idea, I’ll work with you on unlimited revisions to ensure the final logo design meets your exact specifications regarding color, layout, and size.

If you’re interested in learning more about my process and the logo design packages I offer, I’d be happy to show you online, complete with real-life examples. Our initial online meeting is free and typically takes about 30 minutes to cover everything.

Graphic design for print & digital

Print design

Print design is any design where the final form is intended to be printed. We design business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, presentation folders, catalogs, signs, posters, magnets, table tents, menus, booklets, floor standups, labels, stickers, banners, packages, stationery, invitations, t-shirts, promotional products, newsletters, roll up banner stand, exhibitions matirials, and more.

BUSINESS CARD DESIGN – I always recommend designing a 2 or even 4 sided business card instead of one. More space gives us the ability to be creative and also not overload info in one place.

BOARD GAME DESIGN – I can help you design your board game. Click here to see the design process of a board game I designed (the game is in Hebrew)

Digital design

ONLINE ADVERTISING PRODUCTS – We can design many kinds of online advertising products such as paid ads, static and animated banners, social media posts. We create designs that’s consistent with your brand and messaging across all media.
EMAIL MARKETING – A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers and prospects. It is important that your newsletter will be user-friendly easy to read and attractive, we can design a template on your platform that you can reuse any time you want. Another important part is your email signature. Having an email signature is like handing a person a business card every time you send an email. You want it to look professional and show your company’s personality.

Presentation design

We design PowerPoint & Prezi presentations




When we visually express it right the right customers recognize it, they identify with it. Their beliefs, meaning & values are matching your brand and that creates a stronger emotional connection. That’s how great brands grow and make an impact.