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Will Your Job’s Skill Requirements Change Significantly in the Next Five Years?

Source: PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023 of 53,912
workers across 46 countries and territories.

Note: Percentegas shown may not total 100 due to rounding and omission of ‘don’t know’ responses.

AI tools new to you? Watch these videos.

firefly - adobe video

ChatGPT 4 - openai video



The tapestry of success is woven with threads of adaptability.
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An unrivaled, in-depth course spanning 5 enriching sessions 

Get More Done with Less Effort in Less Time


the power of community

Each participant can join my alumni community, home to hundreds. It's a hub for questions, sharing, updates, and expert advice

LIFETIME recordingS

Experience Learning Uninterrupted: Access recordings of our live lessons anytime, anywhere. Never miss a moment and revisit lessons at your pace.

Written pdfS Guides

You will get detailed PDFs guides for every tool and lesson, step-by-step instructions, tips, and references to relevant info.

Install­ment Payment Option

a benefit for my course attendees, allowing them to spread a one-time cost into smaller, manageable installments.

supple­mentary study material

Registered participants can get updated lessons for free. It's perfect for catching up, getting updates, and refreshing knowledge.

Image and video gen plus LLM's

Merge LLMs with cutting-edge image and video generators for unparalleled content creation.

The course participants say:

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While the static fade into the past, the adaptable shine bright in a future of their own making
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we are humans that embrace technology

Uzi is the founder of UZIMEDIA, a creative digital agency in the Bay Area with over 15 years of experience in print and digital design, branding, web design and development, AI design, and business automation. His design philosophy is characterized by simplicity and a mission to capture the true spirit of a brand. As an agency owner, Uzi emphasizes authenticity, integrity, and deep connections in his work. Uzi believes in making the right thing right. When it comes to AI and technology, we must never forget our own nature and the natural world, shaped by the divine, God, and the greater forces that birthed us. Uzi is thrilled to collaborate with Evyatar and aims to bring added value to the USA market.

Evyatar is an AI EXPERT, a digital advertising expert and AI lecturer with vast experience in both academic and private sectors. He has trained thousands globally, with many now professionals in AI. As an AI expert, Evyatar provides AI services to the largest companies in Israel and the world (Microsoft, Fiverr etc), and with his team of experts, they build AI systems for the corporate sector and private clients. In August 2023, Evyatar served as a judge in the global design competition of Fiverr, which gained significant international exposure. Alongside Uzi, Evyatar manages Israel’s largest Facebook group for graphic designers. He specializes in monetization and marketing on social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram.

a global expert

Evyatar interview on Channel 13 discussing ai and its impact on our lives.

Tune into Evyatar interview on "Simple AI" podcast, ranked 2nd on Spotify.

It’s not about ‘should you board the train or not?’ The train already departed a while ago!

This isn’t just a trend; it’s a revolution! For every day you’re not participating, you fall a month behind.

Riding the AI Wave: Stay relevant, Stay Ahead, Stay Successful!

Zebra in Antarctica? with AI Everything is Possible

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Evyatar served as a judge in the AI global design competition of

Underwater City? 47 Secs and You Got it

Professional articles and written guides

A new language model in the neighborhood - meet Claude

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A new language model in the neighborhood - meet Claude

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A new language model in the neighborhood - meet Claude

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A new language model in the neighborhood - meet Claude

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A new language model in the neighborhood - meet Claude

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A new language model in the neighborhood - meet Claude

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For more articles and professional guides, visit my blog

AI won't take your place But those who utilize it might!

80% of leading marketers affirm that AI tools significantly enhance the personalization of their content for their specific target audiences.

Generative tools save an average of 2.7 hours per day. Imagine the innovation and progress achievable with that reclaimed time!

60% of global businesses and organizations leverage artificial intelligence to enhance and optimize their operations.

Imagine More, the Possibilities are Endless.

Why should you choose my course, and how does it stand out from others?

  • Live Interaction with Recordings: The sessions are always live, allowing you to ask questions, request expansions, and get clarifications on the spot. Missed a session or need to review the material? No problem. Recordings of each session are available, and you can re-join future sessions in subsequent cycles to refresh and stay updated.
  • Global AI Expertise: Benefit from lessons by an AI expert who collaborates with major companies like Microsoft and Fiverr, offers AI services, and develops AI systems for commercial entities and private clientele.
  • Experience Matters: The course is led by an experienced lecturer, Evyatar, who is deeply immersed in the AI profession. He has taught AI and AI design at academic institutions in Israel and for the private sector globally. With dozens of workshops, lectures, and courses on AI under his belt, he has educated thousands of participants.
  • More Than Just a Course: The learning doesn’t stop when the course concludes. This isn’t just a course; it’s a community. You’ll receive written guides, recordings, and most importantly, access to a graduate group filled with past participants. This community is a hub for questions, updates, solutions, and sharing. And of course, Evyatar is an active member too!
  • Hands-on Learning: True understanding comes from practice. This is the only course offering online exams and homework assignments between sessions. And yes, successful completion earns you a certificate detailing the content and techniques you’ve mastered.
  • Early Access to Tools: Evyatar often gains early access to emerging tools, testing and writing about them. Accompanying the course is a blog and newsletter discussing these tools, new workflows, and noteworthy software. Before recommending any tool, he ensures its value, saving you from unnecessary expenses.
  • Unique Content with Marketing Insights: In his professional life, Evyatar runs a digital advertising agency collaborating with prominent names both in Israel and internationally. He guides businesses, manages Israel’s largest designer group, and offers unique course content unavailable elsewhere. Topics include “Generating content for Instagram and growing followers with AI-based bots” and innovative insights like “Integrating AI in video”.

​We start at the basics and work our way up. We'll tackle the big questions you might have as we go through the course.

  • Where should we begin?
  • What exactly is AI, and how do its tools and technical components function?
  • Which AI tools are considered the best in the industry? When should I choose one over another, and what are their respective strengths and weaknesses?
  • How much will this investment cost me?
  • How can I start using these AI tools? Which of them are available for free, and which ones come with a cost?
  • What AI tools are suitable for my business, and which ones should I avoid?
  • What is a “prompt”, and how can I create one effectively?
  • Do I retain ownership of the creations I produce using these tools?
  • What distinguishes basic AI-generated images from advanced AI art?
  • How can I become proficient in using these AI tools and their settings?
  • How can I maximize the benefits of freely available resources and shared content in the AI domain?
  • How can I optimize my results using the “try, tweak, and try again” approach?
  • New Horizons: In what ways can AI simplify my tasks and increase efficiency?

Check out a sneak peek of the cool stuff and tricks I'll be showing you in the course:

  • Image Generation and Manipulation:
    • Image Generators: Crafting and utilizing.
    • Image-to-Image Design: AI-based design from reference images.
    • Image Manipulation: Altering existing images using AI.
    • Inpainting and Outpainting: Correcting and enhancing images.
    • Face Embedding: Swapping and integrating faces onto existing images.
    • Resolution Enhancement: Enlarging files and improving clarity with AI.
  • Language and Prompt Engineering:
    • Large Language Models (LLMs): Understanding and leveraging.
    • Prompt Engineering: The art of crafting effective prompts for AI.
    • Prompt Generators: Using and extracting prompts from images.
    • Writing with Language Models: Crafting narratives and content.
  • Design and Graphics:
    • AI in Design: Crafting vector designs and website specifications.
    • Character and Object Modeling: Building realistic representations.
    • Graphic Continuity: Maintaining a consistent design language.
    • Character Sets: Creating icons and characters with a unified graphic style.
    • Emotion Editing: Altering a character’s expressions and emotions.
  • Tools, Software, and Integration:
    • Tool Integration: Ensuring seamless interaction between different software.
    • AI for Architects: Tools tailored for architectural and interior design.
    • Advanced Features: Working with seed numbers, remix, blend, zoom, and pan functionalities.

Here's a (partial) list of tools i will teach you:

  • Midjourney
  • ChatGPT
  • Claude
  • Bard
  • Astria
  • Photoshop Generative Fill
  • Adobe Firefly
  • D-id
  • HeyGen
  • Vidmore
  • InsightFaceSwap
  • Midjourney Prompt Helper
  • PromeAI
  • Leiapix

The course participants share

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for the course. It’s truly commendable that you passed on such valuable knowledge! In the last lesson, you emphasized the importance of delivering value to the customer. This is precisely what you’ve achieved. Your comprehensive insights and the evident effort you’ve invested in the course are remarkable. Everything was presented in a professional yet engaging manner, which I genuinely appreciated. It was truly amazing and worth every penny, even if it did stretch my budget a bit! 😉
Thank you immensely for the wealth of knowledge you’ve shared. Your support and guidance have been invaluable. It’s evident that you possess an incredible talent! Your enthusiasm and the extra effort you put in, going above and beyond what I anticipated when I enrolled in the artificial intelligence course, is truly commendable. I want you to know how much I appreciate it. Your dedication is neither overlooked nor taken for granted. Thank you once again!
I recently completed your online course on artificial intelligence design. I wanted to extend my gratitude for such an enlightening experience. The content was not only relevant but also truly sparked creativity. It was a mind-blowing journey!
It was truly amazing! You explained everything with simplicity and attention to detail, demonstrating endless patience in answering questions. Beyond your remarkable professionalism, you’re genuinely a kind-hearted person. By the way, having 62 participants on the Zoom call yesterday was impressive! I’ve never been part of a Zoom session with such a significant turnout.

The course structure

Dive deep into the world of AI tools with our interactive course, which features:

5 Live Zoom Sessions:

Not only will you have access to live sessions, but recorded versions will also be available for your convenience. During these sessions, I’ll introduce and demonstrate AI tools such as Midjourney, ChatGPT, Claude2,, Runway Gen1, Gen2, and many others.

Comprehensive Content:

Get hands-on with a diverse array of tools, cutting-edge techniques, valuable tips, and engaging live demonstrations.

Up-to-Date Curriculum:

Stay at the forefront of AI technology. Our course content is routinely updated to reflect the latest innovations and technological advancements. In-Depth Lessons: Each lesson spans approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, with some extending a bit longer to ensure thorough coverage.

Interactive Assignments & Exams:

To solidify your learning, engage in practical assignments between sessions and test your knowledge with graded online exams.

FREE ENTRY - Introduction and overview

Are you a designer or someone with a creative spark? Dive into the world of AI-enhanced creativity with this course! In our first lesson, we'll demystify the basics of AI: its definition, functionality, and its transformative role in design. Gain a glimpse of upcoming modules and familiarize yourself with the tools and techniques integral to the curriculum. By the lesson's end, you'll grasp the essence of AI in design and its potential to revolutionize your creative projects.

Thursday, NOV 9
at 8:00PM

Live & Recorded Session

ChatGPT + Midjourney

Craft concepts, brainstorm creatively, understand client needs, write business and marketing plans, and even generate social media content and blog articles in seconds. Moreover, ChatGPT can be employed to curate prompts for Midjourney – a remarkable tool that breathes life into your imaginations by generating vivid images. Transform any idea into stunning art. Dive into this digital alchemy and watch your creativity flourish.

Thursday, NOV 16
at 8:00PM

Live & Recorded Session

ChatGPT + Midjourney >> going deeper

Take a deeper dive into ChatGPT and Midjourney. You'll learn about the different features of these tools, how to use them to generate different types of content, and how to troubleshoot any problems you might encounter.

Tuesday, NOV 21
at 8:00PM

Live & Recorded Session

Leonardo + Astria + PromeAI

Discover three powerful AI tools, all based on stable diffusion, that are poised to revolutionize your visual design process. Dive into the features of Leonardo, Astria, and PromeAI, and master their capabilities to produce designs uniquely tailored to your needs. Whether it's logos, illustrations, or other visual content, these tools are your key to elevating your designs to unparalleled heights.

Thursday, NOV 30
at 8:00PM

Live & Recorded Session

Adobe Firefly - Generative AI for creatives

Unleash the magic of Adobe Firefly, where the boundaries between inspiration and creation blur. Step into a world where your visions are brought to life effortlessly through the art of description. As we navigate this transformative journey, Firefly becomes your ally, guiding you through a tapestry of endless possibilities.

Thursday, DEC 7
at 8:00PM

Live & Recorded Session


Should a particular date not align with your schedule, rest assured: each session is recorded. Plus, you can make up the class during the course’s next cycle.”

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  • Suitable for all ages.
  • No prior knowledge is required.
  • No equipment or drawing experience is needed.
  • No software installations are necessary.
  • Doesn’t require a powerful computer.

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